OSD600 Lab 3 – Interesting Open-Source Projects




pdf.js is a Mozilla Labs-supported Portable Document Format (PDF) viewer built with HTML5. The goal of this community-driven project is to create a general-purpose, web standards-based PDF parsing/rendering platform.
I chose this project because PDFs are one of the most popular formats of handing over documents online. While they are easily handed over, a method to read them requires a web-browser plugin or a separate program all-together, which can really be a hassle.
With this project, I hope to familiarize myself with different ways of committing to a project and to add to my portfolio of projects I have contributed to. I would also like to learn about PDFs and how they are rendered through this project.


Node.js is an asynchronous event driven JavaScript run-time environment designed to build scalable network applications by executing JavaScript code outside of a browser. Any web-developer knows the importance of this environment.
I chose this project because of the size of it. Contributing to a large project, even if the contribution is not that large, still looks nice on a portfolio. Having taken web development classes, the use of node.js cannot be stressed enough, thus I wanted to get into this project to see how it works on the inside.


React is a JavaScript library used for building user interfaces. Declarative React can be used to create interactive UIs painlessly and design simple views for each state of the application. This type has React efficiently update and render the right components when data changes occur, making it easier to predict, understand and debug.
I chose this project because it is used often in web development. Websites that are not plainly hard-coded will use React or something else to create effects on the website, making it fancier without needing to reload the page every single time. Taking web development classes has shown me what it does, now I am interest in knowing how it does it.


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