Release 0.4 Final


For this release, I worked on files ActionSpec.ts, AnimationSpec.ts and BoundingBoxSpec.ts under the src/spec/ folder in Excalibur under 2 pull requests. The first PR worked on ActionSpec.ts to first get used to working on files in Excalibur. This allowed me to ask some questions to the issue poster and solve them. After that, I worked on the latter 2 files with the knowledge I got from the first one. All these changes were updating files using var to use const and let. While this change may be small, the amount of lines needed to be changed were quite numerous. Large files obviously have more variable declarations than smaller ones, especially test tiles like the 3 I worked on. This release allowed me to see that different projects have different requirements in styling of their code, they even wanted the var in for loops changed.

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